1. DNS 
 Nos. Description
1. Dns-design-dns-zones-for-per-organization-units
2. Dns-read-only-console-on-2003
3. Difference Between Forwarder and Stub Zone
4. Troubleshooting SRV Record Registration
5. DNS Server Event IDs
6. AD Integrated Conditional Forwarder
7. Command to Troubleshoot DNS Issues (Nslookup Advance Usage)
8. How to Provide the Read Permission on a DNS Log for a Particular DNS Server
9. Best practices for DNS client settings on DC and domain members
10. Need to replace a "A" recod with an existing "A" record(Old one was in all lowercase & new one should be in all uppercase)-Part-1
11. Dcdiag for DNS test-What are the "Auth" "Basc"" Forw" "Del" "Dyn" "RReg" "Ext"?


2. Group Policy Object


Nos.  Description
2. Microsoft Outlook Safe-Sender List Through GPO
3.  Adding Trusted Sites to Internet Explorer Using Group Policy
4. How to get the printers list for all computers of a domain.
6.  How to Create an ADM File
7. Security Filtering Using GPMC
9. Issue Managing IE Configuration Through GPO
10. Working with BGINFO-GPO - Publish Anything from a Text File
11. Exclusion for a Group Policy Object
12. The Caveats of Using Group Policy Preferences on Terminal Servers
13. WMI Filter for Windows Operating Systems
3. Domain Controller
Nos.  Description
2.  ADAC
3.  How to Provide Access to Security Logs in Domain Controller
4.  Find and Clean Up Duplicate SID
5.  Active Directory Administration One Liners
6.  How to Delegate the Right to Unlock Locked Active Directory (AD) User Accounts
7.  Service Accounts Advantages in Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows 7
8.  LastLogonTimeStamp Conversion
9.  How a Client Application Finds a Service (SPN)
10.  Replication Troubleshooting
11.  KRBTGT Account in RODC
12.  RODC
13.  Schema Upgrade for Windows Server 2012
14.  AD DS: Fine-Grained Password Policies
15.  First DC Promotion Issue for a New Domain
16.  How to Manage Our Environment AD Restoration Without Any Downtime of any DC
17.  Upgrade to Active directory 2012 
18.  Best practices for Hardening Windows Domain Controllers
4. PowerShell


 Nos.  Description
1.  How to Script the Export of Active Directory Objects Attributes  
2. Servers Inventory Report
3. ADDS PowerShell Commands to Expedite Your Tasks
4. Quest PowerShell for Active Directory
5. PowerShell Script for Shutdown/Reboot Events Tracker
6. Generate a Report for installed Hotfix for Bulk Servers using PowerShell

ADDS PowerShell (CMDLET, ADSI & .Net) to Expedite Your Tasks (Deep Dive)

8. PowerShell Default CMDLETs on Windows 8.1

Full help of Powershell STORAGE module

5. AD DS & Windows


Nos.  Description
1. ADDS 2008 Audit 
2. Time Service
3. Active Directory LDAP Policy
4. Account Locked out
5. Netsh
6. Query a reg key for bulk computer
7. Internet Explorer Registry Hacks
9. Directory Service Command Line Tools
10. Authorize DHCP server without Enterprise Admin privileges
11. IAS/NPS error 266
6. My Forums Threads 
Nos.  Description
1. is there any difference between LastLogonT imeStamp in AD 2003 and AD 2008? 
2. Determine how Password is reset?
3. External trust and SSPi error
4. Google chrome update
5. AdminSDHolder protects a non high priviliged user
6. How to find out when dcpromo was run on a server?
7. administrator account get lockout in active directory......
8. How to list installed printers on all machines in domain?
9. User Account locks frequently
10. Migration of DHCP server from one AD Forest to another
11. Debug DNS Logs
12. Why domain local to global (and vice versa) not possible ? -
13. some attribute in AD Delegation Wizard not available
14. Trace the deleted Active Directory Account
15. Inactive Computer Accounts
16. Accessing the resources over the trust (Forest & External)
17. Company Merger migration
18. need to create a Host record in DNS but letter should be all Caps
19. Attributes of Users 

How can I find the remote DNS server details which are pulling the DNS zones as secondary zones from my primary DNS server?

7. My Gallery Contributions
Nos.  Description
1. Servers Inventory report
2. Domain Controllers inventory
3. Checking Permission/Delegation of an OU/Domain
4. How to find group members for "n" number of groups
5. Generate a Report for installed Hotfix for Bulk Servers
6. Generate Report for Bulk Servers-LastBootUpTime,SerialNumber,InstallDate
7 Ping & LastBootUpTime & UPTIME for multiple computers using Powershell
8 Resume-Suspend Job using Powershell Workflow
9. Free Disk HTML Report for Multiple computers using Powershell WMI
Domain Controllers inventory-Quest Powershell
11 Verify ForestPrep, Domainprep & Rodcprep result
12 Get-MAC address of multiple computers
13 Active Directory Users attributes-Powershell
8. PKI
Nos.   Description
 ldaps & msft-gc-ssl service
2.  PKI Store

 Upgrading the PKI from Windows Server 2008 R2 to Windows Server 2012-Different Host Name


 PKIVIEW.MSC-Unable to download CDP & Delta CRL on Windows 2008/Windows 2008 R2


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