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Understanding Power View for Multidimensional Models - This article describes enhancements in Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Service Pack 1 Cumulative Update (CU) 4 with Power View for Multidimensional Models, and provides important information for BI professionals and administrators who intend to implement Power View for Multidimensional Models in their organization.

Create a Shared Report Data Source Connection to a Multidimensional Model – This article describes how to create a shared Report Data Source Connection, also known as an .rsds file, in a SharePoint library.

Create a Power View Report with a Multidimensional Model Data Source – This article describes how to create a new, blank Power View report by using a shared Report Data Source connection to a multidimensional model.


Understanding Multidimensional Model Objects in Power View- This article can help you understand how you can use Power View, a browser-based Silverlight application launched from SharePoint Server, to interactively explore data and create dynamic visualizations from Analysis Services Multidimensional models.

Explore the Adventure Works Multidimensional Model by using Power View – This article walks users through creating a Power View report and exploring the sample Adventure Works multidimensional model.