By using a special mode of the TechNet library you can select multiple TechNet topics from any available technology and group them together to create a customized end-to-end help document that addresses specifically what you want to read for your environment.

The file or document you create can include information from one product or it can contain information from several technologies. For example, let’s say you wanted to create a custom document that includes information about App-V 5.0 so you can evaluate it for your environment. You can easily do that by following these simple steps:

For general instructions and to get started, click the down arrow next to the print icon in the top right of a TechNet page (in lightweight view) and select Print Multiple Topics. To make it easier for this example, you can just navigate to

  1. Now that you’re in print/export multiple topics mode, you can select the topics you are interested in one by one and then click the Add This Topic button at the top right of the screen. Continue adding other topics that you would like to add to your document.  For this example, you could add the Getting Started With App-V 5.0, About App-V 5.0, What's New in App-V 5.0, and so on.
  2. After you have added the required topics, click Collection to review the items that will be included.  To create your document or file click Generate.


You can create documentation sets across technologies too.  For example you can add topics for Microsoft SQL Server to collection that also contains Microsoft SharePoint topics to create a cross –technology documentation set that you customized yourself.

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