Here's how to create a Wiki article, then link it to the Windows Server AppFabric Portal so it can be easily found and accessed.

  1.  Go to any TechNet Wiki page and sign in. You can do this from the main TechNet Wiki page, or from the AppFabric Wiki Portal. It's probably best to go to the second of these to start the process.
  2. Click on “Post an Article”.
  3. Write your article using the rudimentaryeditor. Or better yet, do it in Word and use the rich formatting features, then do a copy/paste of your article from Word right into the new Wiki article container.  Be sure and add a line at the TOP of the article to the effect of "By Wiliam T. Customer, Widget Corp,". This is important to differentiate your content from that written by Microsoft and give you exposure and credit for you work!
  4. For "Comment" put your name and something like “Initial entry”
  5. Save the article, and copy the URL to the clipboard.
  6. Now add a link to the article on the main AppFabric Wiki Portal page. Go to the
  7. Go to the AppFabric Wiki Portal page and click "Edit" in the middle top tab. Note - this tab will not be present if you have not signed into the TechNet site.
  8. Scroll down to whichever of the headings apply to your article.
  9. Move one line below the last link, and  click on the dot indentation icon.
  10. Enter the title of your article. 
  11. Highlight the entire title to enable the hyperlink icon, then click on the hyperlink icon.
  12. Clear the “Link URL or Page” field completely, then paste in the new URL of your new article you previously copied from the clipboard .
  13.  Click “Update” and you are done!
  14. Email the new URL to along with any comments to notify your entry is complete! Thank you!