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Announcement & Discussion

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- Announcement on WikiNinjas - Official Blog of TechNet Wiki > Community win: help us to track the table
Continued discussion and feedback on Wiki Forum:

Problem Statement

Several users have reported issues with table formatting.
Until now it's not clear in what exact circumstances the troubles arise.
It's also not clear what happens exactly between the HMTL designer phase and the final publishing on the Wiki.

Required information

1. OS & Browser version
2. Table layout HTML code
3. Preview layout
4. Final published layout

Please feel free to add more useful configuration prameters that might impact the issue.
- Article reference
- Article version (if you revert an article and a previous version still shows the erros...)
- Time published (to see if it depends on certain Wiki platform update)
- Circumstances 

Code Samples

Sample of good articles


  • Remark: use of HTML tag
    • span style="color: rgb(0, 0, 255);

Report trouble articles

Please add links to published Wiki articles that suffer from the table layout issue:

This Wiki article cannot be updated in any way without the tables losing border and color formatting:
My comments on the History tab show I first modified text in the table, then later attempted to modify the table text in the HTML editor, then later attempted to modify text outside of any table, then finally modified the tags. In all cases, the tables appeared fine in the editor, but after saving the change the tables lost borders and colors. I never saw anything change in the HTML to account for this. I reverted the changes in all cases. All changes made since February 23, 2013. It looks like Ed Price modified tags on Feb. 18 and modified the title on Feb. 14 without messing up the tables. I'm using IE9 on Windows 7.
Richard Mueller


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