This article is a list of every commonly used tag on TechNet Wiki (that's the goal), complete with a link to that tag's results.

The reason is that there are so many tags that exist now, this is the only place you'll be able to find them all on one page.

NOTE: This is a stub topic. Please add links alphabetically when you can.


Searching for a tag

Common URL =<tagname>/default.aspx where you replace <tag> with the tag you want to search for.


Common tags

<TagName> <Description> More information
blog link
Articles linked for a Blog post  
Candidate for deletion Article that is a candidate to get deleted
XX-XX Article in specific language using ISO language code (like EN-US, PT-BR, ...) See: Wiki: Non-English Language Title Guidelines
event2wiki Event ID article that got wrote in the Wiki
has Back to Top link
Article that does have return to top web page  
has code Article that does have code snippet or code example inserted
has comment Article that does have comments  
has credits Article which has Credits section
has image Article that does have images
has images Duplicate of 'has image' (deprecated)  DO NOT USE
has See Also Article which has See Also section
has Reference  Duplicate of 'has References (deprecated)  DO NOT USE
has References Article which has References section
has Other Languages Article which has Other Languages section  
has Table Article that has one or more tables
has TOC Article that has a Table of Content (using the [toc] code in the article )
magazine article Article selected for highlight on TechNet Wiki Magazine on "Wiki Ninjas" blog
needs work Article that needs work
Multi Language wiki Articles Article that got translated only original article
spam Spam (usually teamed with Candidate for deletion)  do not mix with "spam management" tags for spam handling solutions
stub Stub's article
TechNet Wiki Portal
Portal article is a list of links to Wiki articles in a subject area See: Wiki: Portal of TechNet Wiki Portals
Translated into XXXXX Article that got translated into a specific language See: Wiki: Translation Tags
Translated from XXXXX Article that got translated from a specific article See: Wiki: Translation Tags
wiki2forum A wiki article that looks like a forum post. Leaving a comment for the user to use the forum is a best practice.
Wiki Ninjas blog
Articles linked for a "Wiki Ninjas" Blog post series
work in progress Articles are being authored, you should not change this article until finished (within reasonable time frame) Remove tag when article is stale or not edited recently
your name tag Personal tag for identify your collection articles See: Wiki: User Experience Guidelines



Tags with space

Remember to replace spaces in tags with the plus sign ('+').


<TagName> <URL>
Candidate for deletion



Don't use any tag that includes the ampersand character, "&".

A bug causes this to get translated into 2 tags. For example, the tag "Q & A" gets translated into the tags "A" and "Q &amp". Use the word "and" in place of the "&" character.


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