To report correctly on Configuration Manager and Microsoft Systems Management Server servers and agents, the Use System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) discovery method must be used. This guide describes how to use both the Active Directory Domain Services and the System Center Configuration Manager methods.
On the Active Directory Credentials page enter the domain, domain account, and password that the MAP Toolkit can use to connect to Active Directory, and then click Next. 

Figure 1: Specify Credentials

The following applies if, on the Discovery Methods page, you selected Use System Center Configuration Manager.

On the SCCM Server and Credentials page, in the Server name text box, enter the name of the Configuration Manager primary site server at the top of the System Center Configuration Manager hierarchy against which you want to track usage. The primary site entered and all of its child sites will be included in Configuration Manager software usage reports.
In the next text boxes, enter the credentials required to access the Configuration Manager WMI provider on the site server you provided. Click Next.

Next, choose which method to use for providing credentials. If you choose to use the All Computers Credentials option, you will define a set of credentials that the MAP Toolkit will use to access the computers you plan to inventory.
Note: You can also opt to Enter Computers Manually or Import Computers from File. For more information about these options, see the “Discovery Methods” section in MAP Help. 

Figure 2: The All Computers Credentials page before you create accounts

On the All Computers Credentials page, click Create to create the accounts that the Inventory and Assessment Wizard uses to complete the inventory process for the collector technologies (WMI, SQL Server, and so on) that you need to use, as specified earlier. 

Figure 3: Create an account

The All Computers Credentials page will display the accounts you created. 

Figure 4: View your accounts