Configuring the time service on the PDC Emulator FSMO role holder

Change the Windows Time service configuration on the previous PDC emulator

Windows Time Service Tools and Settings

Configuring And Managing The Windows Time Service

Demystifying Group Policy Settings

Configuring an Authoritative Time Server with Group Policy Using WMI Filtering

High Accuracy W32time Requirements 

How the Windows Time service works on an RODC

For virtual DCs; dont sync the time with the host machine. For Hyper-V you need to disable the Hyper-V time service. You need to disable the below service for DCs.  

Keeping the Domain On Time-Time Source Selection

<>A machine can only look for a time source in its own domain or the parent domain. A machine will never go to a domain on a parallel level, or a "skip-level" parent domain.

<>Within a domain, a machine cannot sync with its own kind. A DC cannot sync with another DC. A client cannot sync with another client.

Windows Time Service