On the CEPC BSP, the following CTK tests are known to fail with the issues described below:

Type of Test


Audio drift tests

Audio drift tests are expected to fail if the files are played over a KITL network connection, as KITL is likely responsible for performance degradation. To work around this issue, run the test by placing the audio file on the device.

Full-duplex Audio Playback and Record Verification(wavetest.dll)

Audio capture mixing test(Test Case : 6001) fails as the expected playtime is too long which has to be  <= 6000ms

USB - host tests

When USB host tests are run between a device-under-test host port and a CEPC function port (with a particular CEPC hardware configuration), the message "Unwanted IRQ (xx), Background IST re-enabling" may appear in the CEPC debug window.

To work around this issue, assign a dedicated interrupt request (IRQ) to the USB function controller device on the CEPC via the BIOS settings.

Isochronous tests may fail when the endpoint wMaxPacketSize is set too high.

Serial Performance tests (pserial.dll)

The following Serial Performance tests fail:

  • Subtest ID 2000 (Performance test at baud 9600)
  • Subtest ID 2001 (Performance test at baud 19,200)
  • Subtest ID 2002 (Performance test at baud 38,400)
  • Subtest ID 2003 (Performance test at baud 57,600) skipped because TC 2000 (Performance test at baud 9600) aborted.

You can improve serial performance and allow these tests to pass by enabling SW FIFO. Use the following code to manually edit the registry file to enable the SW FIFO and to disable the IMGENFORA flag (it may cause unwanted side effects to your BSP):

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Drivers\BuiltIn\SerialX] ; X can be 1,2 or 3

    ; Turn on installable ISR (isr16550 supporting SOFTWARE FIFO)

    "Flags"=dword:0                 ; Kernel Mode




GDIT Test (gdit.dll) Subtest ID 218 fails for "win_primary" surface

Winsock Performance test (Perf_winsock2.dll)

Subtest ID 1008 (UDP Recv Packet Loss) hang on the client side as the server side is getting timed out.

Power Manager States tests (pwrtststates.dll)

POWER_STATE_CRITICAL and POWER_STATE_OFF are not handled by the system.  Therefore, the following subtests fail:

  • Subtest ID 111 (Test setting SystemPowerstate to Off using the power state hint)
  • Subtest ID 112 (Test setting SystemPowerstate to Off using the power state hint and POWER_FORCE flag)
  • Subtest ID 113 (Test setting SystemPowerstate to Critical using the power state hint)
  • Subtest ID 114 (Test setting SystemPowerstate to Critical using the power state hint and POWER_FORCE flag)

SDMemtux tests (sdmemtux.dll)

The following subtests fail:

  • Subtest ID 1068 (Test of SDCancelBusRequest)
  • Subtest ID 1201(Read Block Partial Test)

OAL Test Timers (oaltesttimers.dll)

The following subtests fail:

  • Subtest ID 3010 (Compare All Three - Busy Sleep)
  • Subtest ID 3020 (Compare All Three - OS Sleep)
  • Subtest ID 3030 (Compare All Three Timers - Periodic OEMidle)
  • Subtest ID 3040 (Compare All Three Timers - Random OEMIdle)

Compare RTC and GTC to SNTP tests (OalTestRtcDrift.dll)

OalTestRtcDrift test failed because there was a high drift detected while comparing the RTC to SNTP server.

Measure Memory Performance test (MemoryPerf.dll)

The following OAL:Memoryperf tests fail for both SMP and non-SMP CEPCs:

  • Cached Memory Performance Test
  • Uncached Memory Performance Test

Real-Time Data-Cache-Size Calculation tests (oalCacheSizeCalculation.dll)

Due to multiple level (at least L2) cache on x86 system, current cache sizing test case does not work as expected.

Ddrawtk test (ddrawtk.dll)

Because there is no video port support on Flat DDI driver, the following 16 subtests will skip:

  • 120  VBID Surface Data Handling
  • 400  CreateVideoPort
  • 410 Video Port Enumeration
  • 420  GetVideoPortConnectInfo
  • 430  QueryVideoPortStatus
  • 500  GetBandwidthInfo
  • 502  GetSetColorControls
  • 504  GetInputOutputFormats
  • 506  GetFieldPolarity
  • 508  GetVideoLine ,
  • 510  GetVideoSignalStatus
  • 512  SetTargetSurface
  • 514  StartVideo
  • 516  StopVideo
  • 518  UpdateVideo
  • 520  WaitForSync
 Direct Draw Functional Test (DDFunc.dll)      Subtest ID 556 fails


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