Troubleshooting SRV Record Registration

  1. Verify that the DC is trying to register the correct records. To do this, stop the "Netlogon" service on the DC and then delete the "Netlogon.dnb" and "Netlogon.dns" files located in the %systemroot%\System32\Config folder. Then start the netlogon service. Verify that the "Netlogon.dns" file contains the correct SRV records & verify that these records have been updated in DNS.

  2.  If the records did not update correctly, examine the system event log for errors. In particular, look for events with event IDs 5774, 5775 & 5781. Each of these event IDs indicates a problem with the SRV record registration.

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See this

SRV Records Registered by Net Logon

Using nslookup for verifying the SRV 

set q=srv

Ensure that DNS pointing is correct on all DC, you may refer following to configure the same. 

You may try restarting NETLOGON and DNS service on DC to recreate missing SRV records.


How to verify that SRV DNS records have been created for a domain controller: http:/ 


See following articles for causes and prevention - The Case of the Missing SRV Records: 

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