On the NEC Electronics NE1TB Capricorn BSP, the following CTK tests are known to fail with the issues described below:

Type of Test


Audio Waveform Tests (wavetest.dll) Subtest IDs 2001, 2002, 2003, 3001, 3002, 3006 and 3007 fail
OAL Timer Tests (oaltesttimers.dll) Subtest IDs 7010 and 7020 fail
OAL Cache Tests (oalcachesizecalculation.dll) Subtest 1008 fails

Power manager state transition tests (pwrtsttransitions.dll)

Subtest ID 201 (Test On state) fails.

Graphics Device Interface tests (gdit.dll)

Subtest ID 219 (TransparentImage) fails for "Extended surface" and subtest ID 218 fails for "win_primary" surface.

Ddrawtk test (ddrawtk.dll)

The following subtests fail because of cache synchronization. To work around this issue, run these tests in kernel mode:

  • Subtest ID 102 (Verify Surface Creation)
  • Subtest ID 200 (Blt)
  • Subtest ID 210 (ColorKey Blt)
  • Subtest ID 300 (Blt)
  • Subtest ID 310 (ColorKey Blt)


Subtest IDs 65537 and 65538 (Test scheduler) fail.

DirectDraw tests (ddfunc.dll)

Subtest ID 628 (DirectDraw IDirectDrawSurface::GetFlipStatus) fails because there is no interrupt present in NE1TB to indicate Flip operation is over.

Subtest IDs 304 and 404 fail because there is no Display driver configuration file for Ne1tb which contains the list of supported surfaces.

Subtest ID 556 also fails

USB Host tests (usbtest.dll)

Some subtests in USB Host tests (Golden Bridge) are failing for Full Speed Non-Regular packet size configuration. The failures are mostly under the Simultaneous  & Isochronous loopback tests.


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