On the Samsung SMDK6410 BSP, the following tests are known to fail with the issues described below:

Type of Test


Audio drift tests

Audio drift tests may fail if the files are played over a KITL network connection. To work around this issue, run the test by placing the audio file on the device.

GDIT Test (gdit.dll)         Subtest ID 218 fails for "win_primary" surface
DirectDraw Functional Tests (DDFunc.dll) Subtest IDs 503, 556 and 628 fail
DirectDraw Interface Tests (DDInts.dll) Subtest IDs 527 and 1808 fail

DirectShow tests (graphtest.dll)

Subtest ID 101 and 302 of graphtest.dll does not succeed.

Camera Graph Tests (cameragraphtests.dll) Subtest IDs 305, 307, 404 and 507 fail
SD Card Functional Test (sdmemtux.dll) Subtest ID 1026 fails

USB - host tests

The SMDK6410 cannot be used as a USB loopback reflector. Several subtests of usbtest test suite fail for non-regular packetsize in Full speed mode. Most of the tests are related to Isochronous Transfer, loopback 

USB Function BVT (usbfnbvt.dll) Subtest IDs 103 and 106 fail

Registry Performance tests

Test case, Flush Tree (Subtest ID 1005), fails when the function RegFlushKey writes all the attributes of the specified opened registry key into the registry.

Power Manager IOCTLs Test (pwrtstioctls.dll) Subtest IDs 1001-1003 fail. The power state of certain drivers cannot be controlled individually on the SMDK6410. These device drivers have a master/slave relationship with it's parent driver. To change  the power state of these slave devices, the parent device must be informed with the request, which is done at a system level. These tests focus on the individual devices and not the parent devices. The power state of the child device does not change when requested at the level of the child device, and the test fails as a result.
Power Timeouts Test (pwrtimeouts.dll)     Subtest ID 32 fails while setting the User Activity Timer's Active event

On the Samsung SMDK6410 BSP, the following platform specific tests (Non-CTK) are known to fail with the issues described below:

Type of Test


JPEG Tests

Subtest ID 1506 fails

I2C Tests Subtest IDs 1201 and 1202 fail


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