On the Sigma Designs SMP865x BSP, the following CTK tests are known to fail with the issues described below:

Type of Test


Serial Communication over UART test (pserial.dll)

When a Sigma SMP865x device is the master and a CEPC is subordinate, the following subtest IDs fail: 13 (TestCommEventSignals), 14 (TestCommEventBreak) , 41 (Xmit Speed Test For Buffer 1,) and 42 (Xmit Speed Test For Buffer 2).

When a Sigma SMP865x device is subordinate and a CEPC is the master, the Serial Communication test over UART(pserial.dll) may fail to synchronize. If synchronization succeeds, then inconsistent test failures occur in subtest IDs 13 (TestCommEventSignals), 14 (TestCommEventBreak), 21(TestXonXoffReliable), 41 (Xmit Speed Test For Buffer 1), 42 (Xmit Speed Test For Buffer 2), 43 (Xmit Speed Test For Buffer 8), 44 (Xmit Speed Test For Buffer 32), 45 (Xmit Speed Test For Buffer 64), 46 (Xmit Speed Test For Buffer 128), 47 (Xmit Speed Test For Buffer 512), and 48 (Xmit Speed Test For Buffer 1024).

USB Host-controller driver test (usbtest.dll)

Subtest ID 9001 (Reset device), subtest ID 9003 (Suspend device) and subtest ID 9004 (Resume device) fails on the Sigma SMP865x for both the high-speed and full-speed configuration. Also several subtests of usbtest test suite fail for non-regular packetsize in both High speed and Full speed mode. Most of the tests are related to Isochronous Transfer, loopback.

USB Performance tests (usbperf.dll)

Several subtests fail in both high speed and full speed mode.

Power Manager tests

Power Manager Timeout Tests (Pwrtimeouts.dll) subtest ID 31 (Manual resume) and Power Manager State Transistions Tests (pwrtsttransitions.dlll) subtest ID 204 (Test transitions to and from Suspend state) fail inconsistently.

One-Card Network Card Miniport Driver Test (ndt_1c6.dll)

Subtest ID 8 (1c_FaultHandling test) fails for the MAC865X2 Adapter when you use the "-fault" tux command line parameter on the Sigma SMP865x.

DirectDraw Testkit (DDrawtk.dll) Subtest IDs 102, 230, 310 and 340 fail
DirectDraw Functional Tests (DDFunc.dll) Following subtest IDs fail - 304, 404, 503, 524, 556, 624, 628

Subtest ID 603 aborts
DirectDraw Bliting Tests (DDAutoblt.dll) Following subtest IDs fail - 1114, 2304

Following subtest IDs abort - 1210, 1214, 1314, 2210, 2212 ,2214, 2310,2312 ,2314

DirectDraw Interface Tests (DDInts.dll) Subtest IDs 1795 and 1808 fail

Subtest ID 1812 aborts

DirectShow Playback and Latency Tests ( graphtest.dll)

The following subtest IDs fail on the Sigma Designs SMP865x:

  • 100 ( Graph playback - manual playback test-playback a clip, manually verify and pass/fail the test )
  • 101 ( Graph playback - manual playback test-copy a clip to hard disk first and then playback clip, manually verify and pass/fail test )
  • 102 ( Graph playback - end-end playback test-verify duration, verify it played till end )
  • 200 ( Graph playback - end-end playback test-verify startup latency )
  • 201 ( Graph playback - end-end playback test-verify startup latency, higher bitrate content )
  • 301 ( Graph playback - state change test-verify state change (Random state changes) and measure latency )
  • 302 ( Graph playback - state change test-verify state (Play to Stop) change and measure latency )
  • 303 ( Graph playback - run, pause, run-verify latency of first sample to come out of the decoder, after calling Run )

Flash memory read/write and performance test (flshwear.dll)

Subtest IDs 1004 (repeat write on filled disk), 5000 (freed linearly), 6000 (freed randomly), 7000 (freed w/maximum fragmentation) for NAND Flash storage fails with IOCTL_DISK_DELETE_SECTORS error 87.

Partition Driver Test for NAND (msparttest)  Subtest IDs 5101 and 5103 fail for NAND Flash

Storage Device Block Driver API Test(disktest.dll)

Subtest ID 4025 (Write, Read multi-SG sectors with exceed # SG)  and subtest ID 4026 (Write, Read multi-SG invalid sectors) for a SATA disk fail with the error 87 message for DISK_IOCTL_FORMAT_MEDIA.

Secure Digital (SD) Bus Level Functional Tests (SD 2.0) (SDMemtux.dll)

The following subtest IDs fail: 5001 (Basic Memory List Test), 6001 (Host Interface Feature Fullness Test), and 6002 (SD/MMC Card Feature Fullness Test).

Large File Support Tests for SATA (fslargefiles.dll)     Subtest IDs 1001-1006 fail for the SATA Hard disk

Graphics Device Interface tests (gdit.dll)

CTK GDIT test cases 218 and 219 fail because of a hardware issue in the GFX scaler.

To work around this issue, the Hardware Accelerated blitting can be disabled by disabling the macro ENABLE_HW_ACCELERATION in cddgpe86xx.cpp.

USB cloned EHCI (usbtest.dll)

Subtest ID 1405 throws an Access violation exception when run for non-regular packet size in high speed mode

USB cloned OHCI (usbtest.dll) Test cases to set packet size to Small (Test  ID: 3001) and Non Regular (Test ID :3003) are failing  for Full Speed mode

Registry Performance tests

Test case Flush Tree (Subtest ID 1005) fails when the function RegFlushKey writes all the attributes of the specified opened registry key into the registry.


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