If you are using the Telemetry Dashboard, this can be used to archive old data, obfuscate sensitive document names, and modify Telemetry Dashboard settings.

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Using Tdadm

You can use Tdadm from the command line with batch files or scripts.
To use the permission operation, you must be a member of the sysadmin server role. For all other operations, you must be a member of the db_owner database role in the Telemetry Dashboard database.

When you invoke Tdadm, you supply an operation and a set of command-line parameters in the form:

Tdadm.exe -o <operation> [<parameter>]

Note: If a value you need to use with the command-line tool includes a space or a character that is treated as special by the command-line interface, such as an ampersand (&), you can enclose the string in quotation marks ("). For example, if the publisher name is Microsoft Corporation, you can enter the publisher name as "Microsoft Corporation".

Tdadm is not interactive

Tdadm is not an interactive tool. You must type the operation and parameters all at once. You will not be prompted to fill in missing parameters while the operation is running. If a required parameter is missing, the operation fails, and you must type the operation and parameters again.

Note: You cannot execute concurrent operations to the same Telemetry Dashboard database.

Note: The Telemetry Processor should be stopped before using this tool to update the database. In addition, you should not access the database from the Telemetry Dashboard while an operation is executing.

Available operations


Name Description More info
Builtin Manage the list of built-in file names/ProgID’s. Builtin: tdadm operation
Cleanup Cleanup unused solution, user, and computer data Cleanup: tdadm operation
Copy Copy specified telemetry data to another telemetry database Copy: tdadm operation
Delete Delete specified telemetry data from the database Delete: tdadm operation
Move Move specified telemetry data to another telemetry database Move: tdadm operation
Obfuscate Obfuscate specified telemetry data Obfuscate: tdadm operation
Permission Grants a user permissions to access the Telemetry Dashboard database from Telemetry Dashboard Permission: tdadm operation
Replace Replace specified tag (label) name Replace: tdadm operation
Settings Change Telemetry Dashboard settings in the database Settings: tdadm operation