This wiki article describes how script publishers can ensure that their contribution is published in both the TechNet Gallery and on the TechNet Script Center Repository.  First and foremost, if you are a script publisher, thanks! Keep up the contributions.

When you include a script example using the "Insert Code Section" tool while editing your script description on the TechNet Gallery, the system recognizes that the description contains a code example. This is the key for inclusion on the TechNet Script Center Repository - it must contain code in the script description.

Why you should list scripts in both locations

By having your script listed in both the Gallery and Script Center Repository you can ensure that there are more access points for your contribution to the community at large. Let's elaborate.

Consider the following scenario:

  • You contributed a script to the TechNet Gallery and did not include a script example.
  • Suppose someone in the community browsed to the SharePoint 2013 Library on TechNet, scrolled to the "Downloads & Scripts" section then clicked on the  "Script Repository: Windows PowerShell for SharePoint 2013 Products" link.
  • The individual could then review the available published scripts in the Script Center Repository. Since the contribution to the TechNet Gallery and did not include a code example, their script(s) would not be listed for the community member to review or download.
  • The same issue would occur if someone in the community downloaded the "SharePoint 2013 technical library in compiled help format" (which contains mostly the same content as the web depending on when it is published) then attempted to click on the same link. The same issue would occur. 

The scenario above was added after recently reviewing the SharePoint related scripts on the TechNet Gallery and noticing that quite a number of these contributions were not listed in the TechNet Script Center. Here's hoping that script publishers in the SharePoint community moving forward will ensure that their scripts are available in both locations. Please keep in mind that this cross listing issue exists for many products.

How to Procedure

When contributing a script to the TechNet Gallery and writing the script description, follow the procedure below to add a code example that will ensure that your script will be listed in both the TechNet Gallery and the TechNet Script Center Repository.

  • Place your mouse cursor where you wish the code example to be inserted in the Description text area
  • On the toolbar, click the "Insert Code Section" button:
  • The following window will appear:
  • Select the Language of your script using the provided drop down menu
  • Enter your code into the "Code" text area
  • When finished adding your code example, click the "Insert" button