Dynamic, Interactive and actionable. Search powers core SharePoint experiences (social and more) Extensibility has never been easier or more powerful There is now a single search architecture

How Search is being used

Find: Find what you are looking for with intelligent results tailored to you

Answer: Get answers and take action with an experience that's always a step ahead

Extend: Build smarter applications that can scale for any need

Core Enterprise Search

Fresh dynamic new search experiences: HTML/JS templates, rich results, hover panels, refiners, counts

Enterprise content at your fingertips: Pervasive search box, personal favorites, search verticals

Find the needle in a haystack: Word/Excel/PPT/site previews, deep links, query rules, expertise search

Integrated SharePoint Experiences

In-line list search:  Lists/Libraries, Tasks

Search powered social experiences: Hashtags, conversations, communities, follow sites/docs/people

Social based recommendations: Suggested sites/docs, usage and views

Extending Search

Easy, granular UI customization: Result Types and Display Templates

Build your own intent-based experiences: Query Rules with Result Blocks

Simple search-driven content views: Content search web parts

New Ranking Features

SharePoint usage, result block ranking, freshness

Improved proximity, file type handling, search clicks

Ranking customization

Query Rules

Dynamic ordering rules

Rank tuning tool


Thesaurus deployment, stemming improved accuracy and on by default-