The following table lists the updated supported OS VALUE element options and the minimum supported client versions for Microsoft Application Virtualization 4.6 Service Pack 2.  This element in an application’s OSD file defines the required operating system. If there are more than one OS element in a particular IMPLEMENTATION tag, it is implied that the software package works with each. If none are present then it is assumed to run on all operating systems.

 Operating System Value Attribute App-V Client Support
Windows XP  WinXP  4.1 thru 4.6 SP2
Windows XP x64  WinXP64 4.6 (all SP)
Windows Server 2003  Win2003TS 4.1 thru 4.6 SP2
Windows Server 2003 x64  Win2003TS64 4.6 (all SP)
Windows Vista  WinVista 4.2 thru 4.6 SP2
Windows Vista X64  WinVista64 4.6 (all SP)
Windows Server 2008  Win2008TS 4.5 thru 4.6 SP2
Windows Server 2008 x64  Win2008TS64 4.6 (all SP)
Windows 7  Win7 4.5 SP1 thru 4.6 SP2
Windows 7 x64  Win764 4.6 (all SP)
Windows Server 2008 R2  Win2008R2TS64 4.6 (all SP)
Windows 8  Win8 4.6 SP2
Windows 8 x64  Win864 4.6 SP2
Windows Server 2012  Win2012TS64 4.6 SP2

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