Few tips for troubleshooting Office Web Apps

  1. After you successfully ran the binding, always check to see if preview, view mode, edit mode are working for word, excel, powerpoint file types. You may get mixed results for what works/doesn't work between Word, Excel, and PowerPoint because the backend technology to render each of them is different!
  2. Create a matrix of actions vs file formats tests 
  3. Always upload / create a new file after binding or other changes have been made. Test new changes on these new files. ( ideally, upload / create a new Word, Excel, and PowerPoint every time.
  4. Have Process monitor tool ready and running on both SharePoint and WAC server when testing the binding. You may see some process fail to start or errors out during the rendering the preview, or during rendering edit mode. (Due to access denied to server registry, file system, or simply network fail to communicate).
  5. Test the target OWA/WAC server to make sure it can return a proper XML handler:  http(s)://[SERVERNAME]/hosting/discovery should display a list of file types and handler actions in XML format to the browser. If you get an error, the WAC server isn't running properly, or installed.

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