Hyper-V in Windows Server® 2012 introduces the Hyper-V module for Windows PowerShell, which includes more than 160 Hyper-V cmdlets. These cmdlets provide an easy way to automate Hyper-V management tasks.

For an alphabetical list of all Hyper-V cmdlets in Windows Server 2012, as well as links to reference content for each cmdlet (including examples), see Hyper-V Cmdlets in Windows PowerShell.

Below you will find a list of sample Hyper-V related PowerShell scripts to accomplish various tasks.

You can search for additional Hyper-V scripts in the TechNet Script Center.

Important: These are sample scripts that you can use to learn how to create your own Hyper-V specific PowerShell scripts. It is your responsibility to test each and every script in a lab before running in your production environment.

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