UE-V supports storing user data on any writable share.  However, certain additional criteria must be met:

  • The volume must be formatted with an NTFS file system.
  • The share may use Distributed File System (DFS) Namespace (DFS-N) Single target configuration and DFS Replication (DFS-R) in either backup only mode or not enabled
  • The share permissions and NTFS ACLs must be configured as specified in http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/jj680024.aspx.
  • High availability can be guaranteed through a combination of using offline files and file server clustering in conjunction with the UE-V agent to provide access to copies of user state data in the event of communications failures.
  • Both Settings Storage Path data (user data) and Settings Template Catalog templates can be stored on clustered and/or DFS-N shares.

On UE-V 2.0, the following Registry Key needs to be set:



On UE-V 2.1, enable the SyncProviderPingEnabled via Powershell Cmdlet or via GroupPolicy ADMX/Configuration Manager Baseline.

Open PowerShell and execute:

Set-UevConfiguration -DisableSyncProviderPing