1. TFS has tightly integrated collaboration functionalities for Development team.
  2. Version controlling using state of the art technology.
  3. TFS has powerful features like atomic check-ins, branching and merging, shelving, labeling, concurrent check-outs, check-in policies, and the association of check-ins with work items.
  4. Agile and CMMI process model is available.
  5. Project Manager can be easily define task, able to establish link between existing tasks and monitor task.
  6. Queries can be organized into subfolders, and permissions can be assigned as to who can view and modify team queries.
  7. Team members can automatically, compile, Testing, Packaging, and Deployment.
  8. QC or Test team can make test plan, manage and collect test cases, test execution, and beg reports through TFS.
  9. TFS has branching and merging facilities using that parallel development can perform and managing easily.

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