Steps 01:

Select “Team Foundation Administration Console”  by navigating below steps
Start --> All Programs --> Microsoft Team Foundation Server 2010 --> Team Foundation Administration Console


Steps 02:
Now you will see the below screen and you need to expand the Application Tier node in TFS Administration Console:

Steps 03:
Now you will get the option of creating the Team Project collection by clicking on “create collection”

Steps 04:
Now you will get the screen to “Create Team Project Collection” option write down you Team Project collection name. After that click on the next button

Steps 05:
You have to input the data tire details. First input the SQL Server instance name  after that you can chose option to select Create a new database for this or use this existing empty database.In our context we’ll select  Create a new database.

Steps 06:

Now system will provide option to set default SharePoint site selection option. If you want to skip this selection then go to advance configuration and select “Do not create SharePoint site option”. Then Press next.

Steps 07:

Now you will get the option to select “Specify a location for team project reports” .Option is as previous step.

 Steps 08:
Now you can configure the Lab Management option. Press Next .Now you will get the following screen and select verify option.

Steps 09:
Now you will get review setting option and select verify option

Steps 10:

After verify system will show you readiness report .If all option passed then “create ” button will be enabled .


Steps 11:

 After pressing Create option you will view the below status:

Steps 12:
Finally you view the below status:

Steps 13:
After pressing complete option you will view the below status. Now press Close button.
Steps 14:

 Finally your Team Project Collection will be visible  on the Team Project Collection List.

Steps 15:

Now connect to this Team Project Collection from Team Explorer. Choose the newly created Team Project Collection and click on connect.

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