I work for managed service customers for Tier3 support and I help customers & coworkers in day to day for ad-hoc call. I am between the seller and the CSE so I am involved a lot in all kind of setup and sales questions. Project/integration make the learning of new technology easier.

I am focused on Windows Server Technology; Active Directory, Printing Subsystem, Terminal Service and Hyper-V. On the top of that I focus on Citrix product.

I love ad-hoc call as you have to adapt yourself really fast to challenge that you may encounter. Where I live you can travel 8 hours by cars to do a setup in like a remote mining's site in construction, so if the CSE missed to sell something, you have to think on how to bypass the problem really fast ! Stress always welcome and the satisfaction at the end of the project is really good !

My biggest project at this time is the virtualisation of 5 customers to a private cloud setup. Computer / Server setup to a full private cloud solution. Hosted on Microsoft product, Citrix XenDesktop, Citrix XenApp, Dell SAN, XenServer. No more computer and just Wyse Thin Client.

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- TNWiki Article Spotlight - Root Causes for Slow Boots and Logons (sbsl) (2013-11-19)



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Forums where I am most active :

Windows Server -> General (http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/winservergen/threads/)

Windows Server -> Print/FAX (http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/winserverprint/threads/)

Windows Server -> Security (http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/winserversecurity/threads/)

Forum Infracstructure -> Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows Server 2008 (http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/fr-FR/windowsserver2008fr/threads/)

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At this time I do help on the TechNet Wiki Community Council.

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At this time I do help on the TechNet Wiki to build the French community.

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Articles Authored
  Private Cloud: Step-by-Step Guide
  User Profile Best Practices 
  Exchange 2013 Portal 
  Windows Server Backup: Error code 2155347997 (Wbadmin) 
  How to Easily change a DHCP's Scope Subnet 
  How to Compact a Dynamic VHD with Diskpart 
  How-to: Exchange Web Service with API coding in native C/C++ 
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  Directory Service: NETLOGON missing after a restore 
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  Windows Updates Service Code d'erreur 80243004 (fr-FR) 
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  Exchange 2013 Erreur d'Installation: setupui.exe - CLR20r3 (fr-FR) 
  Exchange Server: How to diagnose spam problem 
  Exchange Server: Comment valider les pourriels/spam (fr-FR) 
  Exchange 2013: Migration from Exchange 2010 and Co-existence 
  Wiki: Plataforma Portal (es-ES) 
  Wiki: Products Portal 
  Windows 98 Portal 
  System Center 2012 Configuration Manager Portal 
  System Center 2012 Virtual Machine Manager Portal 
  System Center Service Manager 2010 Portal 
  Visual Studio 2012 Portal 
  System Center Configuration Manager 2007 Portal 
  System Center Data Protection Manager 2007 Portal 
  Internet Explorer 9 Portal 
  Internet Explorer 10 Portal 
  SQL Server 2012 Portal 
  Windows 8 Portal
  Windows 8.1 Portal

  Windows 7 Portal 

Windows 2012 R2: Active Directory Installation 
2013-11-07  Windows 2012 R2: How to install and prepare for Active Directory 
2013-11-07  Windows 2012 R2: Active Directory Best Practices (with SharePoint tips) 

Windows 2012 R2: Active Directory Installation (fr-FR)  

Windows Server - Terminal Services - Set Default Printer with a local Script

Windows Server: Top Spooler Issues  
2014-03-20  Setting Internet Explorer Trusted Site Settings via Group Policy Object in Windows Server 2012 R2 

From the MVPs: Setting Internet Explorer Trusted Site Settings via Group Policy Object in Windows Server 2012 R2
2014-04-18  How to install .Net Framework 1.1 on Windows 7 
2014-04-18  Comment installer .Net Framework 1.1 sur Windows 7 (fr-FR) 

Windows Server: Troubleshooting slow Networks Connection 
2014-05-06 Windows Server: Diagnostiquer des connections Réseau Lentes (fr-FR) 

Setting Internet Explorer Trusted Site Settings via Group Policy Object in Windows Server 2012 R2 
 2014-11-19 Windows Server: Code 19: Windows cannot start this hardware device because its configuration information (in the registry) is incomplete or damaged
 2014-11-28 Windows Server: Remote Desktop Error: The task you are trying to do can't be completed because Remote Desktop Services is currently busy
2015-01-29  SQL Express "The performance counter registry hive is corrupted.” Error Result: -2067922940 
2015-06-20 Internet Explorer: Make it work with old certificate

Some articles I translated.

Active Directory: Comment Connecter un Lecteur Réseau avec les Stratégies de Groupe (dsforum2wiki) (fr-FR)

Active Directory: Comment Bloquer les Périphériques USB (dsforum2wiki) (fr-FR)

Automatiser les Rapport de Status DFSR (fr-FR)

Blogs, Sites, Forums et Twitter sur Exchange (fr-FR)

Comment avoir des hyperliens dans votre signature de forum Microsoft (fr-FR)

Comment Convertir un Document Word a un Article TechNet Wiki (fr-FR)

Comment désactivé des modules complémentaire d'Internet Explorer (IE) avec les Stratégies de Groupe (fr-FR)

Comment devenir un Modérateur de Forums MSDN ou TechNet (fr-FR)

Comment devenir MVP Exchange (fr-FR)

Comment facilement changer une étendue DHCP (fr-FR)

Comment Lister les Membres d'un Groupe d'Active Directory (dsforum2wiki) (fr-FR)

Comment programmer en code natif (API) pour Exchange Web Service en C/C++ (fr-FR)

Concept de Base de C# (fr-FR)

Configurer les Ports RPC en mode statique sur un serveur d'Accès au Client d'Exchange 2010 (fr-FR)

Déploiement de serveurs Exchange Legacy dans une organisation Exchange 2010 (fr-FR)

Exporter vers un serveur Microsoft Exchange 2007, lorsque le serveur du Service de synchronisation est dans un domaine Exchange 2010 (fr-FR)

Formations d'Exchange, Examens et Certifications (fr-FR)

Guide de modération du Forum: Gestion des posts et des fils de discussion: Marquer les réponses (fr-FR)

TechNet Wiki : Comment s'inscrire (fr-FR)

Réplication d'Active Directory avec des pare-feux (fr-FR)

Solutions de gestion d'identité Microsoft pris en charge par Exchange Server (fr-FR)

Versions de Outlook prise en charge par Exchange 2007, 2010, Online (fr-FR)

Vue d'ensemble d'Exchange 2010 (fr-FR)

Windows Updates Service Code d'erreur 80243004 (fr-FR)

Wiki : A propos du TechNet Wiki (fr-FR)

Wiki: Balises de Traduction (fr-FR)

Wiki: Code de conduite (fr-FR)

Wiki: Comment changer votre image d'avatar (fr-FR)

Wiki: Comment changer votre nom d'affichage (fr-FR)

Wiki: Comment contribuer du contenu sur le wiki TechNet (fr-FR)

Wiki: Comment créer une Page d'ébauche (fr-FR)

Wiki: Comment obtenir de l'aide pour le Wiki (fr-FR)

Wiki: Comment Filtrer les Résultats de Tag par plus d'un Tag (fr-FR)

Wiki: Conseil communautaire du TechNet Wiki (fr-FR)

Wiki: Création Rapide et Simple de Tables à l'aide de l'éditeur HTML du Wiki (fr-FR)

Wiki: Gabarit pour les objects HTML (fr-FR)

Wiki: Mots-clefs communs (fr-FR)

Wiki: Navigateurs supportés sur le TechNet Wiki (fr-FR)

Wiki: Pour débuter (fr-FR)

Wiki: Qu'est-ce qui fait un article Wiki réussi (fr-FR)

Wiki: Rôles (fr-FR)

Some articles I edited/co-authored.
Root Causes for Slow Boots and Logons (sbsl)

Failover Cluster Node State is “Down” and Cluster Service Terminates or Adding a New Failover Cluster Node Fails with Time Out Error

Private Cloud Security Model - Client Side Security


SQL Server 7.0

Comment faire .. sur Windows Serveur 2003 et 2008 (fr-FR)

Windows Server

Hybrid IT Infrastructure Scenario Definition Guide for Enterprise IT

Wiki: Platforms Portal

Wiki: Technologies Portal

SharePoint 2007: How to Exclude Content from a Crawl

SQL Server 2012

TechNet Wiki Translation Challenge: November 2013 to January 2014

Guide ultime des articles français du WIKI (fr-FR)

http://social.technet.microsoft.com/wiki/contents/articles/tags/Yagmoth555/default.aspx (Complete list by that link)

TechNet Gallery

Archiving VBS script with 7zip (output on IE webpage)

Automatic share creation and folder (Fileserver & ADDS)




Microsoft MCTS : Exchange 2007

Citrix XenDesktop CCA

Citrix XenApp CCA

Dell Equalogic Specialist

HP Accredited Platform Specialist

CompTIA A+

Lenovo/IBM Technician

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