The following exercises illustrate how to build modules to support custom monitoring scenarios in a System Center Operations Manager management pack.  These exercises are part of the System Center Management Pack Authoring Guide, and you can get further information about management pack concepts from the other content available.


The exercises are organized to build upon one another so that one exercise may require one or more other exercises to be completed.  This is intended to provide simple exercises that illustrate a single concept but to then present that concept within the context of a full management pack.  Any prerequisite exercises are clearly identified in the header for each exercise.

Tools Required

Each exercise includes procedures for both the System Center Authoring Console (AC) and Visual Studio Authoring Extensions (VSAE).  For exercises using the Operations Console, see the System Center 2012 Operations Manager Authoring Guide.  We do not yet have exercises using the Visio Management Pack Designer but expect to make some available.  You can get more information about each of these tools and their intended use in the Authoring Tools section of the guide.


Sample Code

A sample of the completed code for each exercise is available in the TechNet Gallery.  There is a separate sample for each exercise that includes the management pack completed at the end of that exercise and each preceding exercise.  This strategy allows you to work through each exercise in order and then compare your results.  For VSAE, this also includes the Visual Studio solution. 

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