Microsoft Learning has posted a series of six   videos on YouTube in 2011 which walk you through a Microsoft exam from start to finish, including all the screens. These videos clearly show new test takers exactly what to expect when they take their first Microsoft exam. Additionally, these videos can also be a refresher for those of us who haven't taken a Microsoft Exam recently.

The 6 video titles are as follows:

1. Introduction  (4:57)

2. Exam Question Types  (0:43)

3. Build List and Reorder Questions  (2:09)

4. Active Screen Questions  (2:54)

5. Case Study Questions  (1:02)

6. Review Screens  (2:58)

If you are about to take your first Microsoft exam, I encourage you to view these videos

Note:  Since the release of the 2011 video's the question types now also include the "choose all that apply" type of question.

A new series of videos about exams called "Ask a Certification Expert" (ACE) have been releases recently
See them at

If you want to learn about new exam question types and talk o the ACE team directly, you can visit their First Look forum at

Good luck with your first exams!