Test Lab Guides provide a way for you to easily test various scenarios in a well-defined, controlled, tested and proven enviornment. By using Test Lab Guides, you can save potentially hundreds of hours a year by reducing the amount of time it takes to build and understand the front-end and back-end components that go into creating a working technology or product solution.

This page is designed to be a portal page for all the UAG DirectAccess Test Lab Guides. You can come to this page and see all of the Test Lab Guides that are available for UAG DirectAccess. Each time we create a new UAG DirectAccess related Test Lab Guide, we'll post that guide to this portal page. Also, if you are a Test Lab Guide writer who is writing Test Lab Guides that pertain to UAG DirectAccess, please feel free to post a link to your Test Lab Guide here too.

UAG RTM DirectAccess Test Lab Guides

UAG SP1 RC DirectAccess Test Lab Guides 

UAG SP1 RTM DirectAccess Test Lab Guides