Problem Statement

After following the conventional steps to troubleshoot the FIM Management Agent to retrieve the schema none of the steps were able to resolve the issue.



The miiserver.exe.config file was either corrupted, or contained bad data.


Other Causes

  1. Version Mismatch: If the build version of the FIM Service and the build version of the FIM Synchronization Service are not at the same build, then you could receive the Failed to connect to specified database error message.



In this particular case a few environments were set up with FIM for different purposes: FIM DEV for development environment and FIM PROD for production. The troubleshooting on the FIM PROD server pointed to problems with the miiserver.exe.config file. In this case we were able to take the config file from the working FIM DEV environment and copy it over to the FIM PROD server.

Once done we were then able to refresh the schema successfully on the FIM PROD Sync service manager.


Additional Information