Applies to: Windows Server 2008, 2008 R2 and 2012

Requirement:  You would like to investigate who has deleted a user account from Active Directory.

 Auditing has to be configured on Domain controllers, especially, “Audit account management” policy must be configured and you need to define both Success and Failure policy settings. To configure Auditing on Domain Controllers, you need to edit and update DDCP (Default Domain Controller Policy)

When a user account is deleted from Active Directory, an event is logged with Event ID: 4726

Event Details for Event ID: 4726

A user account was deleted.



                Security ID:                            TESTLAB\Santosh

                Account Name:                    Santosh

                Account Domain:                 TESTLAB

                Logon ID:                               0x8190601


Target Account:

                Security ID:                            TESTLAB\Random

                Account Name:                    Random

                Account Domain:                 TESTLAB


Additional Information:

                Privileges               -

In this example TESTLAB\Santosh has deleted user account TESTLAB\Random

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