Please note this documented is intended as a changeable community document.  If you see something you'd like to add, please feel free to sign up to the wiki and add it! This document covers clean installs. Migrations will be covered by official SBS documentation or community resources such as . You can also review the SBS 2011 build document by philip elder.

Note by philip elder SBS mvp: please do review our SBS 2011 setup guide. It is a very indepth step-by-step guide for configuring an SBS 2011 standard install consistently the same across many clients. It also contains many setup caveats and their workarounds or fixes. Troubleshooting errors that may happen along the way are also present.

I. Overview of SBS 2011


II. Install process


Iii. Key tasks after the server is installed


Iv. Tweaking the server for optimal performance and customization


V. Backup / restore / disaster recovery


Vi. Group policy, service packs, additional server information


Vii. Additional resources


Viii. Repair resources

        a. Repairing monitoring and reporting