This procedures describes the methods, procedures and actions that are used to keep the Wiki clean from spam, commercial messages, or unappropriate content.


Spam qualification

The following properties or behaviours indicate a SPAM article on TNWiki


  • commercial content, non-MS related

Wiki Article

  • commercial content, non-MS related
  • highly repetitive content, repetitive articles with same content
  • 0-point author
  • no other activity on other platforms


Spam accounts 

  • 0-point author
  • no other activity on other platforms

Blog posts

  • rubbisch comments, unrelated to post
  • commercial content
  • phone numbers

Spam administration procedure

Reporting a Wiki article

Who: All TNWiki participants


  1. change title to SPAM_yyyymmdd_hhMM
  2. replace content with : <spam>
  3. replace tags with: "candidate for deletion" (without double quotes) 

See more: https://social.technet.microsoft.com/wiki/contents/articles/13529.wiki-how-to-report-a-technet-wiki-page.aspx

Reporting a MSDN/Technet Account

See: How to Ban or Report a TechNet or MSDN User Account

Who: everyone

Banning a MSDN/Technet Wiki account

Responsible: EPX Technet Wiki/Forums management team

Report by feedback form or by mail (fissues).



Check spam articles

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