Content is only crawled if the relevant file name extension is included in the file-type inclusions list and an IFilter is installed on the index server that supports those file types. Several file types are included automatically during initial installation. When you plan for content sources in your initial deployment, determine whether content you want to crawl uses file types that are not included. If file types are not included, you must add those file types on the Manage File Types page during deployment and ensure that an IFilter is installed and registered to support that file type.

Office SharePoint Server 2007 provides several IFilters, and more are available from Microsoft and third-party vendors. For information about how to install and register additional IFilters that are available from Microsoft, see How to register Microsoft Filter Pack with SharePoint Server 2007 and with Search Server 2008 ( If necessary, software developers can create IFilters for new file types.

On the other hand, if you want to exclude certain file types from being crawled, you can delete the file name extension for that file type from the file type inclusions list. Doing so excludes file names that have that extension from being crawled.

The following table lists which file types are supported by the IFilters that are installed by default and which file types are enabled on the Manage File Types page by default.

File name extension Default IFilter support Default file type inclusions
ascx Yes Yes
asm Yes No
asp Yes


aspx Yes Yes
bat Yes No
c Yes No
cmd Yes No
cpp Yes No
css Yes No
cxx Yes No
def Yes No


Yes No
doc Yes Yes
docm Yes Yes
docx Yes Yes
dot Yes Yes
eml Yes Yes
exch No Yes
h Yes No
hhc Yes No
hht Yes No
hpp Yes No
hta Yes No
htm Yes Yes
html Yes Yes
htw Yes No
htx Yes No
jhtml No Yes
jsp No Yes
lnk Yes No
mht Yes Yes
mhtml Yes Yes
mpx Yes No
msg Yes Yes
mspx No Yes
nsf No Yes
odc Yes Yes
one No No
php No Yes
pot Yes No
pps Yes No
ppt Yes Yes
pptm Yes Yes
pptx Yes Yes
pub Yes Yes
stm Yes No
tif Yes Yes
tiff No Yes
trf Yes No
txt Yes Yes
url No Yes
vdx No Yes
vsd No Yes
vss No Yes
vst No Yes
vsx No Yes
vtx No Yes
xlb Yes No
xlc Yes No
xls Yes Yes
xlsm Yes Yes
xlsx Yes Yes
xlt Yes No
xml Yes Yes


IFilters and Microsoft Office OneNote

An IFilter is not provided for the .one file name extension used by Microsoft Office OneNote. If you want users to be able to search content in Office OneNote files, you must install an IFilter for OneNote. To do this, you must do one of the following.

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