BizTalk Server 2013 has added the ability to change hosts used by different adapters in dynamic send ports. This functionality is created to aid and enhance performance and usability for BizTalk. Based on the adapters in use by the dynamic send port you can simply change and update the hosts you want to run with this operation.

Where is it located

When you have a dynamic send port in BizTalk it will look like the following image:

Picture 1.  Dynamic Send Port.
As you can see in the above image the DynamicSendPort has no specific URI, Transport Type or Handler. The URI is defined during development however when it comes to the send handlers is set in the configuration of the port within the BizTalk Administration Console as shown in the figure below

Picture 2. Dynamic Send Port Properties.
When you click "Configure" under the Transport and Send Handler you will get a full window of all adapters in your environment and the available hosts for those adapters.

Picture 3. Configure Send Handler.
By simply changing the send handler for a specific adapter will ensure that the dynamic send port also follows the recommendations for the rest of the environment when it comes to high availability or improved performance.

It's strongly recommended to ensure that you have a good host architecture in order to improve and maintain good performance.

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