The Request
My dataset returns multiple rows of data for a given grouping with only one field (we will call it Grade) varying across those rows. I want my report to display a single line for a group with all of the values of Grade for that group displayed as a concatenated string in a single cell of each group row.

The Solution
I did a similar thing in a report using TFS data. My grouping was by backlog item, each having 1 or more tasks, resulting in one row per task. My approach required custom code. I added the below custom code to the code module for the report:


Private Num As String = ""  
Private tempstr As String = ""   
Function AggregateString(Group as String, Val as String)   
If Group = Num   
Then tempstr = tempstr + ", " + Val  
Else Num = Group tempstr = Val   
Return tempStr   
End Function

Then, in the cell where the aggregated string will appear I added a formula similar to the below. I have modified it to reflect your fields:




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