The Request:
I have a main report with several sub reports. Can I allow the user to select which subreport will be rendered in the main report?

The Solution:
Yes. You can even allow the user to select multiple subreports to display with a multiselect parameter. Create a new parameter (ShowReport) and add specific values for each of the 12 subreports to Available Values. Like:

Label              Value
Sub-Report1      1
Sub-Report2      2
Sub-Report12   12

Now, in the first subreport open the subreport properties by right-clicking the grey box representing the subreport in the main report. Choose Subreport properties > Visibility. Choose "Show or hide based on an expression" then click expression builder button (fx) and enter a formula similar to:

=IIf(Parameters!ShowReport.Value = 1,False,True)

For subreport 2 change the formula to:

=IIf(Parameters!ShowReport.Value = 2,False,True)

And so on. For multi-select the formula would be a little different:


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