Fast Learner Modules provide a way for you to quickly learn a nugget of technical information as a self-contained learning experience, or as building blocks in a series of modules that cover a larger body of information. Fast Learner Modules can be used for:

  • Explaining a technical concept or process.
  • Explaining a deployment or configuration process.
  • Demonstrating a configuration procedure.

The cornerstone of a Fast Learner Module is a short (typically under 5 minutes) and concise video that treats a technical subject in a visual way. A visual treatment uses objects, icons, and animations to convey information rather than just text. The video can be accompanied by a transcript of the voice-over text for subsequent reading or reference.

For a hands-on experience, Fast Learner Modules can also refer to resources where you can practice using the described technology, such as the following:

Additionally, a set of review questions with answers allow you to verify your understanding of the subject.

See the following video for a short overview.

For a world that increasingly relies on visual information and is busier than ever, Fast Learner Modules allow you to quickly learn technology without having to invest a lot of time searching for information or reading lengthy, text-based topics.

The following Fast Learner Modules are available:

To create your own Fast Learner module, see Wiki: Creating and publishing a Fast Learner Module.