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In preparation for using the MAP Toolkit, it is important to understand how the Discovery Methods work and what credentials they require. For more detailed information about using the Discovery Methods, go to the MAP Team Wiki.

Discovery Method:


Active Directory Domain Services


This method allows you to query a domain controller via the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) and select computers in all or specific domains, containers, or OUs. Use this method if all computers and devices are in AD DS.

  • Credentials required – The wizard requires a domain account that is to be used to query AD DS. At a minimum, this account should be a member of the Domain Users group in the domain. For each computer to be included in the WMI inventory process, the wizard also requires an account that is a member of the local Administrators group on that computer.

Windows Networking Protocols

This method uses the WIN32 LAN Manager Application Programming Interfaces (API) to query the Computer Browser service for computers in workgroups and Windows NT 4.0–based domains. If the computers on the network are not joined to an Active Directory domain, use only the Windows networking protocols option to find computers.

  • Credentials required - None

If the Windows Networking Protocols page of the wizard does not provide a list of workgroups, Windows NT 4.0 domains, or AD DS domain NetBIOS names, ensure that the Computer Browser and Server services are running on the computer performing inventory. For help, see Troubleshooting the Microsoft Computer Browser Service.

System Center Configuration Manager

This method enables you to inventory computers managed by System Center Configuration Manager. You need to provide credentials to the System Center Configuration Manager server in order to inventory the managed computers.

  • Credentials required – This method requires an account with access to the Configuration Manager WMI provider on the site server you entered.

Scan an IP Address Range

This method allows you to specify the starting address and ending address of an IP address range. The wizard will then scan all IP addresses in the range and inventory only those computers. The IP address range computer discovery method is limited to scanning only 100,000 IP addresses at one time. If you have more addresses than the limit, run the wizard multiple times, specifying different IP address ranges each time you run the wizard.

  • Credentials required – None

Manually enter Computer Names

This method enables you to test and inventory a few computers at a time. Use this method if you want to inventory a small number of specific computers and enter computer names, NetBIOS names, or fully qualified domain names (FQDN) by hand.

  • Credentials required - None

Import Computer Names from a file

Using this method, you can create a text file with a list of computer names that will be inventoried. Each computer name should be on a new line and the file should not use delimiters, such as a comma, period, or tab.

Use this method if you have a list of up to 120,000 computer names that you want to inventory. The imported file can contain computer names, NetBIOS names, FQDNs, or IPv4 addresses.

  • Credentials required – None.

Considerations for Discovery Methods

Exchange Server usage:  The MAP Toolkit collects information about active mailboxes in Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS). The credentials that you provide should have the required privileges to enumerate mailboxes, groups, and users in AD DS.

System Center Configuration Manager Agent counts: The MAP Toolkit collects information from the Configuration Manager servers. The credentials that you provide should have adequate privileges to collect data from the Configuration Manager server you supply.

Lync and Forefront Endpoint Protection (FEP):  These inventory scenarios must be run separately due to issues around handling of credentials for multiple inventory scenarios using PowerShell.

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