You need to plan before you configure Web Analytics Service Application for SharePoint.

Why? The reason is simple, and Joel Oleson explains the reasons on this blog:

The issues have not improved on SharePoint 2013. Check this out:

My client obviously wanted to have Web Analytics to get information about their web pages when I was on vacation. So they configured the Web Analytics with a SharePoint Developer.

But they couldn’t open it because it was greyed out. So they thought everything went wrong and SharePoint isn't working, and they can’t get data …

Web Analytics on SharePoint 2010


But you have to start first by adding the 2 services “manually”:

  • Web Analytics Data Processing Service
  • Web Analytics Web Service


Web Analytics on SharePoint 2010 2


Second, you can get data/reports by:

  • Central Administration
  • Site Collection Settings


Web Analytics on SharePoint 2010 3


These are the steps that occur:

Web Analytics on SharePoint 2010 4


  • The user requests a page, and the action gets picked up by the Web Analytics service that runs on SharePoint.
  • The Web Analytics service logs this in the “.usage” files.
  • A Timer job called “Microsoft SharePoint Foundation Usage Data Import” by default runs every 30 minutes. It imports the logs into the staging database.
  • Each night the “Microsoft SharePoint Foundation Usage Data Processing” Timer job runs and transforms the data into the reporting database.
  • The last run time of the import from staging and the aggregation is logged in the Settings table in the Reporting database.