A topic like no other – packaging SharePoint branding as a SharePoint 2013 app.

Apps in SharePoint 2013 have been known as a mechanism for some small web part implementations and some other customization.
But could you use an app to sell your existing solutions, like a branding solution?

Well, branding is one of the most popular solutions and now you can sell your branding on a marketplace and more! Idea: Get more out of your branding solutions by packaging them as Apps in SharePoint 2013.

Business Value

  1. Give Your Clients or users more options to choose from your custom designs using the simple and compact APP model.
  2. Package your Branding as APPs and sell in a marketplace. 
  3. Showcase your Branding competencies.

Easy way to do it

  1. Use your SharePoint 2013 Server or Office 365 as SandBox Solution.
  2. Use Default JS files .
  3. Publish App using default template.

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