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When a SharePoint list contains lots of data then it becomes hard to understand the data when you scroll down and header row is not visible , every time you have to scroll up to see what data in this particular cell is, you tend to check the column in the header. It will be easy to understand the data when your header row is visible all the time while you are scrolling down.

Here is a simple JQuery script which you can put in a content editor web part on the same list view page. It many not be required to make all list view header freeze so you can use this script only on the page where you want your list view header  to freeze

<style type="text/css">
.DataGridFixedHeader { ; top: expression(this.offsetParent.scrollTop);}
<script type="text/javascript">
var $table = $("TABLE[ID^='{4C9CFF20-B467-4E10-820C-0A132442CF98}']:first",
$table.wrap("<DIV style='OVERFLOW: auto; HEIGHT: 420px'></DIV>");
$("", $table).addClass("DataGridFixedHeader");

The above script uses a table as variable which is using the list GUID and the View ID so you have to update this portion of the script as per your list.

You can check the problem statement MSDN forum post at below link:

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