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Acquiring the UNIX/Linux Authoring Library

The UNIX/Linux Authoring Library can be downloaded here.

Starting an Authoring Project

Creating a Management Pack Project with the VSAE

In Visual Studio, create a new Project.  Select the Management Pack\Operations Manager template group, and select an Operations Manager 2012 Add-on Management Pack template. Provide the Name for the MP, and optionally customize the Location and solution properties.

Adding Management Pack References

In a Management Pack, Reference definitions are needed to reference elements from other (sealed) Management Packs. The syntax of a Reference in a Management Pack takes the form:
<Reference Alias="System">

In a Visual Studio Authoring Extensions project, References can be added by selecting Add Reference from the project menu, and browsing to the Management Pack file that you will reference. 

The Alias for the reference can be set in the Properties Window. 

Recommended Management Pack References and Aliases are described in the table below.  Use of these aliases is required for the examples in this guide.

 Management Pack ID Version Alias
 Microsoft.SystemCenter.DataWarehouse.Library  7.0.8427.0   SCDW
 Microsoft.SystemCenter.Library  7.0.8427.0  SC
 Microsoft.SystemCenter.WSManagement.Library  7.0.8560.0  WSM
 Microsoft.Unix.Library  7.3.2026.0  Unix
 Microsoft.Windows.Library  7.5.8501.0  Windows
 System.Health.Library  7.0.8427.0  Health
 System.Library  7.5.8501.0  System
 System.Performance.Library  7.0.8427.0  Perf
 Unix.Authoring.Library  UnixAuth

Using the Authoring Examples

Each authoring example in this guide is presented in the form of a Management Pack Fragment. To use these fragments in your project, select Add New Item from the Project menu.  From the template selection dialog, navigate to Management Pack\Code, and select Empty Management Pack Fragment. Provide a Name for the Management Pack Fragment and click Add.  This will add the Management Pack Fragment to your project. You can then paste the contents of the example to the Management Pack Fragment.

Text in the examples that is located between pairs of ## characters represents content that should be edited as needed for your custom scenario.  The ## characters must be removed from the examples.


Building the Management Pack

To build the Management Pack in Visual Studio, select Build Solution from the Build menu.  Properties for the Management Pack as well as building (e.g. sealed or unsealed) can be configured by opening the properties of the project in the Solution Explorer.


Debugging Custom Workflows

To troubleshoot or debug authored workflows (i.e. discoveries, rules, and monitors), use the Workflow Analyzer tool.  The Workflow Analyzer is installed with the Visual Studio Authoring Extensions, and can be found in % ProgramFiles(x86)%\ System Center 2012 Visual Studio Authoring Extensions\Tools\MPSimulator\OM2012\amd64\.  The Workflow Analyzer requires Operations Manager to be installed on the local machine. Alternatively, you can copy the WFAnalzyer.exe file to %ProgramFiles%\System Center 2012\Operations Manager\Server on a Management Server and run the Workflow Analyzer on the server.