This topic lists the messages that you may encounter on Forefront Unified Access Gateway (UAG) in the event viewer or in the Forefront UAG Web Monitor when end users attempt to access your published site using Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS) 2.0 authentication.

Event ID/Web Monitor ID Event message
45 A request for application [application_name] of type [application_type] on trunk [trunk_name]; Secure=[HTTPS=1_HTTP=0] failed. The URL [url] was rejected by the URL inspection rule [rule]. The reason for the failure: [reason]. The method is [method]. The source IP address is [IP_address]. The user is [user_name].
Note: This event does not generate an event viewer message.
151 WS-FAM: User with lead user claim value [user_name] could not be signed in. Session ID: [session_ID], Trunk name: [trunk_name].
152 WS-FAM: User with lead user claim value [user_name] could not be signed out. Session ID [session_ID], Trunk name: [trunk_name].
158 ADFSv2Site: The application settings could not be read because the trunk name is not defined.
159 ADFSv2Site: WSFederationAuthenticationModule in ADFSv2Sites\[trunk_name] has received a request with more than one identity. Only requests with one identity are supported. Session ID: [session_ID].
160 ADFSv2Site: Authentication request for site [requested_site] does not match the expected trunk name [trunk_name]. Session ID: [session_ID].
161 ADFSv2Site: Security token does not contain the user name claim type. User name claim type: [user_name_claim_type], Session ID: [session_ID], Trunk name: [trunk_name].
165 ADFSv2Site: Single sign out process for user with lead user claim value [user_name] was not complete. Session ID: [session_ID], Trunk name: [trunk_name].
167 The KCD shadow user name claim cannot be retrieved because of the following reason: [failure_reason]. The application is [application_name] of type [application_type] on trunk [trunk_name]; Secure=[HTTPS=1_HTTP=0]; Source IP=[IP_address]
176 ADFSv2Site: Found more than one claim with lead user name claim type [user_name_claim_type], Session ID: [session_ID], Trunk name: [trunk_name].