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SQL Data Sync enables creating and scheduling regular synchronizations between Windows Azure SQL Database and either SQL Server or other SQL Databases. This article lists content, articles, videos, and community resources that help you use SQL Data Sync effectively. The topic is updated regularly as new resources are discovered or created.
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Microsoft SQL Data Sync is a cloud-based data synchronization service built on the Microsoft Sync Framework technologies. It provides bi-directional data synchronization and data management capabilities allowing data to be easily shared across SQL Databases across multiple data centers. The current release is Preview - SQL Data Sync Preview.

SQL Data Sync
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SQL Data Sync Scenarios:
  • Cloud to cloud synchronization
  • Enterprise (on-premises) to cloud
  • Cloud to on-premises.
  • Bi-directional or sync-to-hub or sync-from-hub synchronization

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About SQL Data Sync

Get Started with SQL Data Sync

  • How to Get Started (wiki article)
    Walk through to get you started using SQL Data Sync.
  • Best Practices  (wiki article)
    Best practices concerning Creating, Locating and Synchronizing databases using SQL Data Sync.
  • How to Upgrade (wiki article)
    How to upgrade to the current version of SQL Data Sync.

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