Many readers of TechNet articles may want to save a copy of one or more articles to a file that can be printed or edited. There are a couple of options for selecting article contents:
  1. In your browser, drag your mouse to select the content you want to copy for offline use and then paste it into Word or some other word processor. This is a viable approach for fairly short articles, but when you want to copy and paste a very long TechNet article, it can be tedious to select lengthy article contents this way.
  2. Use "caret browsing," which is available in Internet Explorer and other browsers. When you enable caret browsing in Internet Explorer (by pressing the F7 key when in the browser) you will see a cursor (a vertical line) appear in the browser. If you want to select the entire article, place the cursor to the left of the first word of the article by clicking just left of the first word. Then, use the scroll bar and so that you can see the end of the article. Once you can see the last word in the article, hold down the SHIFT key and then click just to the right of the last word of the article. That will select everything between the beginning of the first word of the article and the location where you clicked at the end of the article. 
Once you've selected the article contents use the CTRL+c key combination to copy the article to the clipboard. From there, paste the copied content into your word processor. Regardless of how you select and copy the content from the TechNet article, if you paste the article contents into Word, we recommend that you paste with the "merge formatting" option to retain as much of the formatting as possible from the original article.

Remember, TechNet articles may change, so if you do decide to print or save a version of an article at a point in time, it may become outdated over time.  We recommend that you periodically reference the online version for the latest content.