Wiki: How to Monitor Content

Wiki: How to Monitor Content

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There are several ways to monitor wiki content.

E-mail Notification Subscription

This option sends you e-mail notifications:

  • showing the edits to the article when they are made, with a link
  • showing the "edit comments" posted, if any, when an edit to the article is made
  • showing the "comment comments" to an article when they are posted

If you did not post the article, click Email subscribe to this page on the right side of the article page.

If you posted the article, when you click Post an article and create your content, by default the Email me updates to this page option is checked.

When you click Save, an email "subscription" is created and you will receive e-mail notifications to the address associated with your user name whenever the page is changed. This notice look like this.


To turn off these notifications, in the Options menu, click Email unsubscribe to this page:

RSS Feed Notification

Click the RSS button on your browser to copy the RSS feed for the content page you are on. For example, in IE8, it looks like this:

RSS Subscription

You can also subscribe to a search using RSS.


You can use Outlook as your RSS reader, and then write rules to sort/highlight/search for things.

The RSS feed for a tag shows the full text of the last 10 articles updated that have that tag.

Tag Monitoring

You can subscribe to an RSS feed for a tag. Whenever you update your feed reader, you will get notification of new content with that tag.


Site Monitoring

You can monitor the entire TechNet Wiki for new topics using the following feed URL: 

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