Small Business Server 2008 - Build Document IV.  Tweaking the Server for Optimization and Customization


  1. If you'd rather not have the SBS Console launch at login, check this blog post
  2. If you'd rather have it autolaunch the SBS Console (Advanced) edit the task mentioned above and add the '/a' switch.  properties of the task, actions tab, click EDIT.  Put the '/a' in the "add arguments (optional)" box.  click OK.  you may have to surround the full path to the console executeable with quotes.
  3. If you'd like a console with extra links to helpful blogs like this site, download a replacement console.exe.config and follow the instructions in this file. once you have it installed, open the console again, go to the home page, "getting started tasks" and scroll down to the bottom. 
  4. Is your SBS Console crashing when approving updates? A possible solution here.




  1. Adjust the group policy so that recommended updates will be deployed just like other updates.
  2. Go here and grab the "wsus cleanup tool".  set this as a scheduled task to run weekly on your server to keep the WSUS database and updates in check.  See the documentation for the tool for the correct usage.
  3. Periodically reindexing your WSUS database with this script is also recommended.
  4. If Powershell is your thing, here is another script you can use to accomplish the same thing.
  5. Free Webinar on WSUS in SBS 2008.




  1. To enable SharePoint to display the PDF icon, follow this guideto add the image to the SharePoint site. 
  2. Add the ability of SharePoint to index Office 2007 documents by adding an iFilter.  To index Office 2010 documents ensure you download thisiFilter pack.
  3. If you need to adjust the time that SharePoint will stay open, you can edit the value to be longer than 30 minutes.
  4. If you need to upload large files, edit the value accordingly.
  5. Prevent the failure of SharePoint 3 SP2 by installing Hotfix KB977022, if you have trouble see BLOG POST
  6. Fix the issue where the config file database will grow too large by setting the databases to simple, if you can't logon to the DB you missed the Run as Admin Step
  7. To fix the event 2436 errors in SharePoint view this blog post.
  8. Free Webinaron Sharepoint in SBS 2008.
  9. To display an external RSS feed (blogs, news, weather, etc.) in SharePoint, view this blog post.
  10. Reduce the memory footprint of Sharepoint if you don't use it heavily with this method.




  1. Adjust the time out valuefor Remote Web Workplace
  2. Add a third party certificateTips on SSL Certs in SBS. More tips in this free webinar.
  3. How to set up autodiscover so you don't need a SAN cert
  4. Adjust the tsweb.aspx to allow for bigger screen size and to ensure when using Vista or Win7 that the screen won't redraw slowly.  just want to download an already edited version? Here it is with install instructions.
  5. Accessing UNC fileshares remotely via OWA from this blog post NOTE: if you apply Exchange 2007 SP3 this will break - hold off on SP3 until rollup 2 for Exchange 2007 SP3 is released.
  6. Are you annoyed at the small size of the custom graphic you can put on the Remote Web Workplace main screen after the user logs in?  remove the artifical restrictions on it's size with this file and the installation instructions.
  7. General customization tips for the Remote Web Workplace here
  8. If you need to add additional two factor authentication and security to RWW, consider Authanvil for a specific solution for SBS 2008.




  1. You can add the search service to enable additional search features.
    1. To tweak the search service, go into control panel and open "Indexing Options".
    2. click Modify.  in the bottom half of the new window that pops up, select the folders relating to WSUS and look above and uncheck them in the top half of the window.
    3. if you are running Trend Micro as an antivirus package on the server, you want to locate the Ofcscan share and remove it from indexing
    4. Click ok, then close.




  1. Install SBS 2008 update rollup 4
  2. Run a SQL script to proactively prevent issues with monitoring
  3. Add new things to monitor by visiting this library of alerts and custom filters.
  4. More plug-ins to the monitoring reports from this SBS Developer
  5. Want to make your own Alerts?
  6. Errant workstations giving WMI errors in the SBS Console?
  7. DCOM errors in your reports?
  8. CAPI2 Errors in your reports?
  9. Reduce the memory requirements for the monitoring database with this method.




  1. Open the SBS 2008 console, click on Network tab. on the right side of the console, click "View Notification Settings"
  2. Go down the list of services - if you've added any 3rd party software (antivirus, backup, software) that depends on a service, you may want to check the box next to the service so you get notified if the service isn't running.
  3. Go to the Event Log Errors section - scroll down the list and uncheck and/or check the errors you want notification for.  eg: if you are not using Forefront, you can uncheck the boxes.
  4. Go to Email Address - enter the email address you wish to be notified of any alerts.
  5. Running SBS on an HP Server?




  1. Hotfix to address a fax to email issue




  1. Adding Disclaimers to email
  2. Doing any Smarthosting?
  3. Outlook Anywhere tips
  4. Email policy and multiple email address support information
  5. Free Webinar on Exchange 2007 in SBS 2008.
  6. Want to see how large your users mailboxes are in Exchange 2007? Here is a quick powershell script.
  7. Need to restrict incoming mail (inbound filtering), some good instructions are available here (2/3 down the page under IP Restrictions), but it may be easier to restrict it at your firewall like this.


  1. Adjusting the SMTP to allow for device email
  2. SBS 2008 – MFP/Copier To Scan To E-mail Destined To A Companyweb SharePoint Library How To (MPECS Inc Blog)
    1. This blog post explains how to configure everything from the copier through to SharePoint and Outlook.
  3. Publishing printers via Group Policy
    1. SBS 2008 - Deploying Printers (MPECS Inc. Blog)
    2. x86 PushPrinterConnections.exe a must for the Technician's Thumb Drive! (MPECS Inc. Blog) 
      1. The 32bit version of PushPrinterConnections.exe is needed for XP Pro x86 and you can download it here.
  4. Adding 32 bit printer drivers
  5. Disabling SMB signing for older scanners and Apple mac's  While the instructions in this blog post say SBS 2003 the instructions are identical for a SBS 2008.




    Since a server is probably not syncing RSS feeds, there's a task that runs in the background that is not needed on the server.  In some cases you may see an alert in the event logs that indicate that the rss sync has not completed.  While it can be ignored, you can also adjust the rss feed sync to not occur.   This tip is courtesy of Yves Gourle:

    You can disable the automatic feed sync as follows:

  1. Run the following command (with a command prompt started with elevated rights) : msfeedssync disable
  2. Or in IE options go to content  -feeds and web slices,  click on settings  and uncheck “automatically check for feeds”

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