The TechNet Wiki is open to authors in almost any language. Getting started can be as simple as clicking the "Post an article" link on this page. Some languages have already established a solid community of authors, some are just emerging. This article provides a roadmap on how to start or grow content in languages other than English.

Getting Started

(1) Start writing or translating content that you feel would be useful to others in your language. If you're interested in working with other authors, make sure to add information on how to contact you in your profile. Portuguese, Russian and Chinese already have distinct Wiki sites.

(2) Check for existing articles and contributors in your language. Yottun8 tracks articles in each language and posts monthly to the Wiki Ninjas blog. You can get to the actual articles from this wiki page

(3) Begin a forum thread to discuss TechNet Wiki content with your language Community. You can do this in the Wiki discussion forum. Or, if you need help or just want to inform others that you're getting started on a language, feel free to post that in the Wiki discussion forum as well.

(4) Start inviting other contributors of your language (probably from the MSDN/TechNet Forums, if your language is represented there) to also contribute their content. You can also look for Microsoft community contributors (who use your language) in other social sites like Microsoft Answers/Community, Stack Overflow, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

(5) Help others in your language by commenting or improving articles.

Getting Bigger

(6) Check in here (via comment, or check back here for an update). We might have a group for you to join around these efforts, and we might be able to get a forum started to plan content with your language's Community (depending on whether your language is up on TechNet/MSDN forums yet).

(7) Build out a community of 10-15 regular contributors of your language on TNWiki. Let us know how we can help (via comment or post in the Wiki discussion forum)!

(8) Once a solid community is in place for a language, members can look at what is best for that language in the long term - this could include finding and recognizing quality content, running friendly competitions or even moving that language to a distinct wiki (similar to the existing Portuguese, Chinese, and Russian Wiki instances), creating a language specific forum, and generally working with that language community to help meet its needs.


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