Customize of Microsoft Dynamics NAV is relative easy. You need developers knowledge, but for some customizations basic dev knowledge is enough.

The most of customization, we do in development phase in implementation. The goal of the Development phase is to build and test the system components defined and approved in the design specifications, including developing the customizations, integrations and interfaces, and data migration processes. The major deliverables include the complete system configuration, completion and freezing of code for customizations, integrations and interfaces, and data migration.  Other key deliverables include finalization of the design specifications and the completion of Solution Testing. For an Enterprise project, this may also include Data Acceptance, Process and Integration Testing.

For programming in NAV, we use C/AL native programe language in C/SIDE environment. A C/SIDE application is composed from eight types of application objects. Each type of application object is created using a tool called a designer.

C/AL (Client/server Application Language) is the programming language used within C/SIDE the Client/Server Integrated Development Environment in Microsoft Dynamics NAV. C/AL is a database specific programming language, and is primarily used for retrieving, inserting and modifying records in a Navision database. C/AL resembles the Pascal language it is based on.

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