The Deployment phase is where all the efforts of the project team come together for a successful transition to the new Microsoft Dynamics NAV solution. Key activities in this phase include End User Training, User Acceptance Testing, and the actual cutover to the new or upgraded production environment. For Enterprise projects, Performance Testing is also completed.

The Deployment phase for new Microsoft Dynamics NAV implementations involves ongoing project management activities to manage risks and issues, communications, change requests, and project plan updates. The deployment plan that was initiated in the Design phase is finalized with the consulting and customer project teams. This plan forms the basis of the deployment or cutover tasks that need to be well-managed before GoLive.

The training team finalizes the training guides and conducts end user training sessions. In the Quality and Testing cross phase, User Acceptance Testing (UAT) is executed. Upon successful completion of UAT by Key Users, a business go/no-go decision is made on whether to proceed with the GoLive or to defer until any critical issues are resolved. For Enterprise projects, Performance Testing is completed.

The infrastructure and technical teams prepare the production environment for the cutover tasks that lead to the GoLive state. Required configurations and tweaks may be made, and performance tuning maybe performed if necessary.

Another parallel activity that is performed upon completion of UAT is the initial data load into production by the data migration team. If necessary, once the initial load is complete, periodic batch loads may be executed to load ongoing data from legacy systems.

The team performs a production environment audit and obtains final system approval from the customer. The system is now ready for GoLive and any subsequent environment changes are placed under the established system change control process.

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