When the Microsoft Security Compliance Manager (SCM) tool was initially designed, the intention was that all content (i.e. baselines) published by Microsoft would flow to users from within the SCM tool itself. Meaning, users would download all Microsoft baselines from within SCM, and not need to manually download anything from the Microsoft Download Center.

Since the initial release of the tool, the SCM team has received feedback that it is still useful to be able to manually obtain the baselines without having to launch the SCM tool itself. For that reason, we are maintaining this document in order to publish links to all of our latest content when it releases.


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SQL Server

Internet Explorer


Windows Client

  • Windows 10

Windows Server


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The Microsoft Security Compliance Manager is intended to help organizations simplify and automate IT compliance and risk management processes. The Microsoft Security Compliance Manager is designed to facilitate compliance activities conducted by your organization’s IT experts, auditors, accountants, attorneys and other compliance professionals. The Tool does not replace those professionals. The Microsoft Security Compliance Manager includes some control objectives and authority document citations and the Tool includes some control activities and associated product value settings. These objectives, citations, controls and settings do not verify or guarantee fulfillment of your organization’s compliance obligations. It is the responsibility of your organization to choose the objectives, citations, controls and settings to use, modify, add or remove based on guidance from your organization’s compliance professionals. Reports and any other information provided by or generated from the Tool do not constitute auditing, accounting, legal or other professional advice. You must consult compliance professionals to confirm compliance with specific governance, risk and compliance authority documents.

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