When you operate a FIM environment, one major task is to manage run profiles.

A run profile is a set of steps that specify how to run a management agent.

For a complete overview of how run profiles work, see ILM/FIM Run Profile Definitions.



To start a single run profile manually, you can use the Run Management Agent Dialog of the Synchronization Service Manager.

The following screenshot shows an example for the related dialog.

As soon as your FIM environment has been sufficiently tested, you probably want to automate certain tasks.

Amongst others, this includes the automated start of your run profiles.

To automate run profile runs, you have a variety of options such as writing a simple script or even using related tools.

The objective of this article is to summarize the available options you have to automate run profile runs including:

  1. VB Scripts
  2. PowerShell
  3. Task scheduling
  4. 3rd party tools


The MASequencer from the MIIS 2003 Resource Tool Kit is not compatible with FIM 2010 (64 bit)


VB Scripts

  • Export/save  scripts from FIM GUI (Identity Manager)
  • Schedule tasks using task scheduler en cscript commands
  • Edit / combine cscripts files



Task scheduling

  • Configure Task scheduler


3rd party tools (alphabetical)


Virtual Lab


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